Heart, Mind and Soul is the first debut Japanese album by TVXQ, released on March 23, 2006 in two editions: CD only, and a CD+DVD edition.



  1. Introlude
  2. Kotoba wa Iranai (言葉はいらない)
  3. Asu wa Kuru Kara (明日は来るから)
  4. Somebody To Love
  5. My Destiny
  6. HUG
  7. Break up the shell
  8. Stay With Me Tonight
  9. Aisenai Aishitai (愛せない愛したい)
  10. One
  11. Rising Sun
  12. Eternal
  13. Heart,Mind and Soul

DVD Editar

  1. Stay With Me Tonight (Video Clip)
  2. Somebody To Love (Video Clip)
  3. My Destiny (Video Clip)
  4. 明日は来るから (Video Clip)
  5. Rising Sun [Korea] (Video Clip)
  6. Tonight [Korea] (Video Clip)
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